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Monday, April 9, 2012


So, I've been MIA for a few bits. So much has been going on in the last few weeks that I'm still playing catchup. One thing that I had someone ask me recently, is where do I find inspiration when I write. This is such a tough question, not because it is limited, but because it is endless. One thing I did recently, was take a trip over to the UK to visit family. I always enjoy going back to visit because the country is beautiful. It's also amazing to see so much history that emits from every pore of the country. One of the places we went to visit was this fantastic place.

This is from Lincoln Catherdral. I'd wanted to visit this place for a very long time. One reason, is because (after doing ancestory research) I found that I had ties to this fantastic building. But I degress. The structure is huge and to see how long it has been in existance gives my mind over to thoughts, images and stories. I mean, how can one not let their mind wander when you wander among these walls.

It's still hard to believe how tall this structure is. Then to get close to the building, to feel the stone underneath your fingers, the history that flows through each wall is just overwhelming. I would have loved to spend more time there, but the weather was a bit colder than I'm used to. :)

But what I would love to do one day, if given the chance, is spend time in the Wren Library. It was why I went. I could just imagine flipping through the knowledge and old books that remain within its walls. The inspiration, for me, would be beyond words. We were able to see part of the outside, and though it is much less impressive, it holds a dear place for me.

What's interesting about this, is the three slates of stone on the grass are actually grave markers. Too see their dates, it just amazes me every time. We talk of old buildings and history here in the States, but we have nothing on Europe. The buildings, structures, and history there is huge. That alone, allows for ones mind to wander. For me, I can find so much to write about with the atmosphere out there that the storylines would be endless.

So that's my bit of input. So tell me, those who visit this blog, what inspires you?

As always, happy reading and writing everyone.

Warm regards,

R.G. Porter

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