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Friday, April 20, 2012

New release alert! Scottish Whispers

Happy Friday everyone! Yes, I have a new book out. Well technically, it was released on Monday, but this week has been chaotic at best for me. So, without further delay, let me introduce you to my newest adventure, SCOTTISH WHISPERS.

First off, isn't he hot? That is Jimmy Thomas who is taking on the role of Erick in this  novel. Can't help but adore a man in a kilt. Now for a bit about the book.


A man who protects the balance between worlds.
A woman who is haunted by her past.
A group of demons wanting both their souls.
A twist of fate that binds them both together.

Jena wanted nothing more than a nice quiet vacation in the highlands of Scotland, what she got was much more than her travel brochure ever described. Toss in a man who is more arrogant than any she's met in the past, and demons hell bent on driving her insane, and her vacation is about to turn extremely chaotic.

Finding Erick half dead from a gunshot wound, Jena learns there is more at stake than just her fear of falling in love. If she doesn't hurry Erick might die and the demons of her nightmares will finally win what they've been after.

Their souls.

<waves self> Yes, we have demons in this novel as well. And yes, it is a re-occurring theme for me. Can't help it. :)

Now for a bit of a snippit of this new release. Hope you enjoy.


Black, grey, and crimson filled her mind. Screams and cries for help echoed in her ears, their voices held more agony than she could stand. Heat moved across her body. Jena’s eyelids fluttered open. Shadows danced across the area just out of reach. Where was she?

“Come to us Jena. You still belong to us.” The monsters from her past crept back to her present. They reached out to her, begged her to go with them. Her body ached as she tried to move, her mind hurting with the onslaught of the cries of pain.

She shook her head in denial. “Go away. I won’t follow you.” Defiance laced her words.

“You cannot avoid us. We will always be here. You are coming to us. It will just take time.” Their coupled voices rang through her body in a shudder of chills. "You can't escape us.”

“Never. I’ll never belong to you. Leave me be.” Jena tried to move but found she couldn’t. Her mind shouted out that this couldn't be real, that it was just a nightmare due to her fatigue. She closed her eyes as her heart began to beat out an erratic palpitation. If she didn't know better she swore it might burst.

Their voices grew in magnitude, the hiss of their anger stronger with each passing moment. “Just wait, we are patient. Soon you will have no choice, we will get you.” Jena could feel their hands reach for her, their long tendril fingers grasping her nightgown. She thrashed at their advances, her fingers hurting from the effort. "Nothing can stop the inevitable Jena, you will come to live in the darkness and pain. You will suffer much at our hands."

She braced herself against their advances. Her mind was tired from fighting. All she wanted to do was just fade into the darkness. To let it all just go as it was destined to. Still, her stubbornness took over her need for peace. “Go away.” She screamed. Her voice cracked in the dryness of the abyss she was locked in. Just when she swore she would drown in the thick evil of the beings that hunted her; warmth spread across her skin.

“Jena…” His deep baritone voice penetrated her web of fatigue and terror. Her eyelids drifted back open, a haze of reds and blues filling her vision. Soft water dripped in the distance, the calm of the wind moving across her body.

“Where am I? Who’s out there?” She called out. No matter how hard she tried she couldn’t move her body. Whatever was at work was stronger than she was. The warmth of a hand caressed her cheek, sending shockwaves through her body. A blanket of calm covered the area.

“I’m waiting for you my love.” Her gaze moved from the large hand up the arm to land on his shadowed face she still could not see. Once more, she could only make out the steel blue eyes staring back. So full of pain and sorrow she wanted to nothing more than to take it away. He'd saved her sanity more times than she could say, yet she still couldn't help him.

“Who are you?” She asked. His accent was not American and the sound sent her whole body into an uproar of feelings. She felt she knew him, somehow, on some distant level.

His eyes filled with warmth. “I’m your destiny. Save me.” Again sadness filled his voice. What could hurt such a powerful looking man? Jena found her arms reaching out for him. She wanted, no needed, to hold him close. She needed to chase the sadness from his eyes. Still, his words made her heart ache.

Where to buy:
Amazon US
Amazon UK

Okay all, well that's enough from me today. Hope everyone has a fantastic Friday and an even better weekend.

Happy reading and writing everyone!!

R.G. Porter

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  1. Congrats on the release! I LOVE your cover! I'm not much into paranormal elements in a story, but yours sounds good! Good luck with it!